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Market Coordinator

Founded in 2011, the Leslieville Farmers’ Market is one of the largest and liveliest farmers’ markets in Toronto. Voted Best Farmers Market in NOW’s Readers Choice 2021, the “LFM” has always operated on the theory that bringing by bringing our community together through food, drink, music and celebration, we can collectively create great change. 


Operating in Greenwood Park every Sunday, the LFM quickly became known as a community market with a focus on creating a welcoming, celebratory atmosphere with a focus on monthly community events ( that sometimes resembled more of a festival than a farmers market!). Over the course of the following 10 years, the LFM would grow to not only become one of the largest farmers' markets in Toronto by size but gain a reputation of a family atmosphere amongst local farmers, growers and food producers investing in the vendor experience. What helped the LFM grow so quickly was the hard work, dedication and passion of its market team, and we’d love for you to be a part of the magic!


Job Description 

The Market Coordinator is the primary onsite supervisor and is responsible for coordinating the many moving parts of the LFM’s daily operations. They will work directly with the Market Manager to ensure the site-based objectives are completed on a weekly basis and the Market is successful, welcoming and safe for the community.

The Market Coordinator will manage volunteers, 1 to 2 onsite support staff and are the primary contact for customers, members of the community and inquiries. 


The Market Coordinator is also responsible for supervising health and safety, attending to possible emergencies and setting up and tearing down market infrastructure. (In short, a superhero.) The role is best suited for a candidate that enjoys flexibility, a fast-paced atmosphere, independence and community spirit, and is highly adaptable to changing priorities. 


While the Market Coordinator position is renowned for its hustle - especially on Sundays - the position comes with a few perks. Other than Sundays, the market team can work from wherever they choose as long as weekly objectives are met. 


The LFM Market Coordinator will receive regular performance reviews from Greenbelt Markets staff, the LFM Board and the Market team with the opportunity for raises every 3 months. The position also has ample networking opportunities, public visibility and is a great platform for career development. 


The LFM Market Coordinator will report directly to the Market Manager.


Responsibilities include:



  • Setting up and tearing down the Market every Sunday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, enforcing and implementing the market's rules, regulations and protocols. 

  • Primary point of contact for customers and members of the community

  • Managing volunteers and working with support staff

  • Setting up PA systems, sound equipment and any other infrastructure performers and entertainers may need

  • Coordinating and supervising LFM-run programs or activities 

  • Working with the LFM team and Greenbelt Markets staff on weekly activities and programs

  • Creating social media content as well as posting and managing incoming communications (with the support of Greenbelt Markets)

  • Attending to any emergencies, unexpected issues or challenges



  • Communication and relationship management with vendors, volunteers, staff and customers

  • Attending weekly team meetings

  • Managing and posting social media content 

  • Marketing and promotions (with support from Greenbelt Markets staff)

  • Recruiting, onboarding and managing market volunteers 

  • Networking with new potential vendors and fielding incoming applications 

  • Developing and implementing specialized programs around food security, equity and accessibility in collaboration with LFM partners.  

Hours and Wages

15 hours per week, $26/hr. 

With opportunities for raise at 3 months


  • Attendance at the LFM is mandatory with two non-consecutive Sundays off per season.

  • Candidates must be confident they can work an 8+ hour day in variable inclement weather conditions (sun, rain, wind) and still maintain high levels of productivity and effectiveness. 

  • This is a demanding position but a fantastic opportunity for aspiring leaders looking for an opportunity to take on a highly visible and impactful job with a ton of opportunities for networking, creating connections, and forming relationships.


Greenbelt Markets and the Leslieville Farmers’ Market value the diversity of the people we work with and the communities we serve. We strive to foster a workplace in which individuals and their experiences and ideas are recognized, appreciated, respected and responded to in ways that develop and utilize each person’s talents and strengths. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, personal beliefs, citizenship status or lived experiences.

To apply please send a resume and cover letter to