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Hinterland Winery

We produce premium sparkling wine in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

We really see ourselves as terroir enthusiasts, and our real passion is seeing vines grown in the appropriate geographical region and making wines from these regions. Matchmakers perhaps!

Authenticity in our wine is more important than trend and the wine is made in the vineyard. Each wine vintage is a historical snapshot of that particular season which is why we always assign a vintage to our wines.When we planted our vines back in 2005 our objective was to make wine that was consistent in quality year to year and to also offer value to the consumer. One consistency about Ontario summers is that the summers are inconsistent! What we have found is that the soil and climate in Prince Edward County produces grapes with the kind of ripeness suited to making balanced and elegant sparkling wines.

Now as time went on we discovered our real passion: matching the grapevine to the soil and climate. It took us three years to discover that sparkling wine works in Prince Edward County but then we were introduced to the Greek island of Limnos where they've already discovered which grapes grow best there. The red grape called Limnio (which means "of Limnos") is indigenous to the island and was written about in the Illiad of Homer over four thousand years ago. The white grape called Muscat of Alexandria has been grown on the island for over a century. The Limnio thrives on the rugged hard to access terrain of the east side of the island and the muscat is grown on the west side. Jonas has coined the phrase "the valley of the muscat" which an area around St. Demetrios where one can see a dramatic valley under the muscat vine. Jonas also postulates that this could be the best area in the world where muscat is grown. Or one of the best.

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