Avling Kitchen & Brewery

Avling Kitchen and Brewery is situated in Leslieville, Toronto and opened its doors in June of 2019.
We aim to create exceptional and experimental beer, food, and experiences that showcase Canadian flavours and locally farmed ingredients
Our beers are as seasonal as the ingredients that go into them, constantly evolving and developing over the course of the year.
Avling is not only a brewery and restaurant, but we are also a whole-animal butchery, and we’ve built a 4 000 square foot farm on our rooftop.
We grow all our crops using ecological farming methods, such as crop rotation, low to no till, cover crops, composting, organic seeds and natural fertilizers, which prioritize soil health. We grow a variety of crops from tomatoes, hot peppers and garlic, to carrots, apples, and hops. We chose our crops based on flavour, increasing ecological biodiversity, particularly to attract native pollinators and crops suited to our unique rooftop environment.
What we grow becomes ingredients in our kitchen, in our beer, and we stock the shelves in our retail store with it too.
Sustainability and the Circular Economy are at the heart of everything we try to do here."

We're @avlingto on instagram and facebook;