Wild Hearts Botanicals

Wild Hearts Botanicals is a wellness collection from Little Tree Wellness & Apothecary offering supportive herbal teas, tonics and syrups. Our unique botanical blends infuse functional plant medicines and flavour artistry to support your wellbeing deliciously! These plant-based products are family friendly and can be enjoyed on their own or used to create your favourite wellness drink.

We believe that incorporating botanicals into your lifestyle can be simple, have enormous benefits and taste good! Whatever your style of drink- straight up herbal brew, tea latté, elixir, spritizer or fancy libation, we have something for you! Stop by our Botanical Bar for a fresh wellness drink inspired by traditional herbalism and mixology. Our drinks will invigorate your senses, promote wellbeing and connection to nature with every sip. Designed for the Wild at Heart by Herbalist & Nutritionist Jazmine Stinson, RH, CNP.