Thuet Bakery & Jules Patisserie

Our breads are artisan breads. They are made the way bread was made before industrialization began dictating ever shorter production times. Our breads are shaped by hand and are peasant breads in the best sense of the word.

What is known in France as "la fabrication artisanale" is the artisan's craft of using hand techniques, slow natural fermentation, closely watched methods and personal judgment - taking into account environmental factors on climate & temperature. Each batch is treated with care. Modifications are made depending on the activity of the starters and the flours used - to produce a crusty loaf with an interesting flavourful and irregular texture and nice crumb.

The strong European tradition of bakers as craftsmen has found a strong place in the heart of Thuet Bakery as masters pass down their skills to apprentices over years of hands-on experience. The breads you enjoy are a product of slow fermentation, hand shaping and a three-night leavening process.

If you live in the neighbourhood, you can find our products at our friendly café/bakery - Le Conciliabule located 1300 Gerrard St East (just East of Greenwood).