Pudgy Pigeon Kombucha

Our Story
Seeding from Aotearoa (New Zealand)

I started making kombucha while living in Wellington, New Zealand where I came up with the idea for Pudgy Pigeon Kombucha Brew. Pudgy Pigeon is nicknamed after the Kererū from Aotearoa, also known as the New Zealand Wood Pigeon, a protected bird with a taste for fermented fruit. Kererū have earned a reputation as the drunkest bird in New Zealand, and have been known to fall from trees after consuming rotting fruit left lying on the ground. During the summer when fruit is abundant, drunk kererū are sometimes taken to wildlife centres to sober up.

The name seemed suitable for my company as it shares a story of fermentation. We are excited to share this loveable bird and it’s humorous stories through my kombucha and its universal connection.

After moving home from New Zealand I started my company in Victoria, BC in 2020, where I worked selling kombucha at a market during the summer and made deliveries via word of mouth. Recently I relocated to Toronto, Ontario restarting my business and brewing at a local bar, Poor Romeo, at 1029 Gerrard Street East right down the road from where I live.

We produce authentic Kombucha promoting health, wellness and universal connection. Our kombucha is made in small batches also using medicinal herbs, fresh produce, no preservatives and natural carbonation.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our delicious handmade kombucha with love. A perfect refreshing mocktail for all occasions providing you with a happy gut and happy mind.


Much Love