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Why choose Earth + City for your market/event?

1. We are a sure bet! Earth + City has been selling at markets and events around Toronto for over 10 years. We have a dedicated customer base and quickly develop clientele at new locations. Our stand is often one of the busiest at markets - the wide array of offerings appeals to everyone.
2. We are a FeastON certified experience. What does that mean? FeastON is a “criteria-based program that recognizes businesses committed to showcasing Ontario’s unique tastes of place”. This means that, as a company, we are committing to purchasing significant amounts of food ingredients from Ontario. A big chunk of our food dollars stay in Ontario so when you choose us, you are choosing local. We have happily provided a list of our preferred farmers/suppliers.
3. We are fully plant-based, gluten-free and naturally-sweetened. Event and market managers know the importance of having a well curated lineup of prepared food vendors. By choosing Earth + City, not only are you getting delicious, creative, local food offerings, you’re also ticking off the “vegan” “gluten-free” "naturally-sweetened" and "keto" boxes in your vendor selection. Win-win!
4. We are a committed, dedicated vendor with an engaging, community-oriented disposition. Ask any of our previous market managers and we are confident they will tell you: Earth + City is a team player. What makes a great market/event is the community that comes together to create it. We are always extremely punctual, professional, and collaborative.
5. We take sustainability seriously. We are a low waste vendor (reusable cups and packaging when possible). Our production facility is zero-waste. All the food scraps are shipped to a local farm for composting needs, recycling is sorted by a third party and reused and the little garbage we produce is sustainably incinerated. We also use production by-products (like juice pulp) to create new food offerings (like juice pulp crackers). We are also LEAF certified making us "one of the greenest restaurants in Canada." It is an accreditation demonstrating efforts in environmental and sustainable foodservice practices. There’s so much more too!
6. Our food is delicious! From fresh collards wrapped veggie burgers and green smoothies to seasonal salads, we’ve got a menu that is sure to impress. Enjoyed by all, we think that everyone could stand to incorporate more veggies in their diet. We are also flexible in creating unique menu offerings for different markets, based on the needs and requests of customers.

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