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Cosmos Baking Studio

Heal ∙ Nourish ∙ Delight

Inspired by the great beauty of our planet and its complex systems, Cat Yeung founded Cosmos Baking Studio in 2021. As an artist and seasoned baker, their focus is to share how heritage whole grain baking is as uniquely nourishing and delicious as it is integral for healing our relationships with ourselves, each other and the land.

We're privileged to bake with 100% freshly-milled grains sourced directly from Ironwood Organics (Athens, ON) who carefully select varieties for resilience and climate-adaptability. Since we bake with the seasons, you will find an ever-changing selection of offerings ranging from buttermilk doughnuts to savour pastries.

We bake in West Toronto and are thrilled to join the Leslieville farmer's market this year.

Thank you for tasting with us on our journey!

Instagram: @cosmosbaking

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