Covid-19 Market Guidelines

Safely Shopping at the LFM

The Leslieville Farmers' Market is operating under the Toronto Public Health Covid-19 Guidelines for Farmers Markets and Fresh Food Markets.

The Big Changes

        1. The Market is a ONE-WAY Street 

       2. There is ONE entrance and ONE exit. 

       3. Keep your distance!

      4. Do not consume food at the market

      5.  Mask Up! Masks are STRONGLY encouraged

Be Patient, be kind. We're all in this together. 

Before the Market

  • PPE! Bring your mask and personal sanitizer (we'll have some for you too, don't worry)

  • Multiple payment methods (cash, debit and credit). There will be NO ATM

  • Reusable shopping bag

  • If you ordered online bring your ID and copy of your confirmation email

  • Please limit your party to 4 people if possible (children 12 and under exempted)

On Arrival

  • The Entrance is at the North Side of Jonathan Ashbridge Park off Queen Street East

  • If the Market is full, please line up patiently

  • Please wear a mask and use the sanitizing station before entering the Market

  • For online orders, proceed to the MARKET DEPOT, just East of the Entrance

At the Market 

  • The Market is ONE-WAY. Go with the flow and follow the signs. Skating Rink Rules!

  • Keep at least 6ft away from other customers and vendors

  • Do not crowd vendors. If the line is full, do a loop and come back

  • Please wear a mask at all times (unless you are unable too)

  • Sanitize! Sanitize! Sanitize! 

  • Try to limit your stay to 30 minutes and under if possible.

  • Washrooms: Public Park Washrooms will be OPEN. But please be advised of lengthy wait times due to physical distancing requirements.

***ask a volunteer or staff member if you have any questions

Leaving the Market

  • Only leave through the DESIGNATED EXIT

  • Sanitize on your way out 

  • Please wait until leaving the Market to eat or socialize




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