Wheelbarrow Farm

Sunderland, ON

Vendor Website: wheelbarrowfarm.com

Primary Contact: Tony Neale, wheelbarrowfarm(at)gmail.com

Market Staff: Tony and friends

Description of their products: We sell - vegetables, meats (pork, and pulled pork sandwiches), flowers (small quantities), and seedlings (small quantities). I primarily bring organic vegetables grown on my farm, and 95% of my stand is mixed organic vegetables. The flowers and seedlings are grown organically. The pork is free range and GMO, antibiotic, and hormone free as well. We bring the pork when we have it and also sell pulled pork sandwiches. The buns and BBQ sauce are not organic for the pulled pork sandwiches.

Information about the Company: We are a one stop shop where you can pick up all the ingredients you need for a fresh, local, nutritious meal. Our farm specializes in educating young farmers on the practices of sustainable organic farming. Come by our tent and meet the farmers and farmers-in-training. We also have an emphasis on permaculture practices and have been planting fruit and nut trees since we bought the farm 7 years ago.We have scheduled farm tours where customers can visit the farm and see our practices first hand. Practices: We use organic practices but do not certify.