Grimsby, ON

Vendor Website:

Social Media Accounts: Instagram - @vauxhallgardensgrimsby

Primary Contact: Adèle Hinshelwood, hello(at)

Market Staff: Adèle Hinshelwood

Description of their products: We sell a wide variety of personal-care products. Our product line includes: skin care, hair care, soap, lip care, well-being products. We only sell products which contain a high percentage of the botanicals grown on our farm. We also, sometimes offer products like our own seeds, propagated plants, home decor and novelty horticultural goods, which are all from our farm and vary by year and time available.

Information about the Company: I (Adèle), have been a grower for over 25 years and was formally trained as a horticulturist. We grow botanicals known for their beneficial attributes to skin and hair. We extract the signatures from these botanicals and use them in very high concentrations in our own formulations. Many of our products contain over 70% of our own raw materials grown on our farm in Niagara. Practices: Crop management, crop rotation, plant selection and integrated pest management are methods that we employ to allow for natural production.