Tiffinday Inc.

Vendor Website: www.tiffinday.com

Social Media Accounts:  Twitter - @tiffinday, Instagram - @tiffinday, facebook.com/Tiffinday/

Primary Contact: Seema Pabari,  seema(at)tiffinday.com

Market Staff: Seema, Liam, Jude

Description of their products: We sell prepared foods of Vegan South Asian Cuisine. For appetizers we sell Timpa Wheels made from local and organic swiss chard (from Wheelbarrow and Healthy Choice farms), and Pakoras made from Haystrom farm potatoes. Every week we also have a fresh curry entree served on rice made with seasonal produce from local farmers. We also have take home jars of curry produced locally, with local organic seasonal produce.

Information about the Company: Tiffinday is in it's 6th year at LFM, and is a boutique food business specializing in South Asian Cuisine. Their products are plant based and cooked by human hands, and the ingredients are sourced as much as possible from Ontario farmers.  "We believe in supporting our local economy first. We are on a mission to make delicious plant based foods, conveniently available to everyone who eats. Tiffinday is a certified B-Corporation and we have pledged to conduct our business with respect for people and the environment, and to be the change we seek in the world."