Spade and Spoon

Ayton, ON

Vendor Website:

Social Media Accounts: Twitter - @spade_and_spoon, Instagram - @spade_and_spoon

Primary Contact: Blythe Weber and Adam Smith  info(at)

Market Staff: Blythe, Adam or Abbrah

Description of our products: We will be offering a range of locally made fine foods made with local and organic ingredients - jams & jellies, relishes & chutneys, pickles, ferments (sauerkrauts, cucumbers, carrots), and maple syrup (very dark and amber grades). Ingredients that can be grown locally in Ontario are grown by us on our farm. We grow organically, but are not certified. We grow as much as we can on our small farm, but also source from our network of conscientious farmers (made up of our family and friends) when our yields are low or demand rises.  We use certified organic sugar and source organic spices whenever possible.  Over the years, we’ve amassed a wide selection of much loved recipesand can confidently say we have something for everyone!


Information about our Company: What makes us different from most Ontario preserves is that we grow the majority of our own fruit and vegetables on our farm. This ensures our ingredients are very local, very fresh and very tasty. People love to hear our story of how we grow on the family farm and use family recipes passed down over generations. We have been attending farmers markets in Toronto since 2009 and have seen a growing demand andappreciation for our approach (farmers and producers of fine quality preserves and fine foods).  Our grower/producer arrangement ensures the freshest tastes while reviving the lost art of seasonal food preservation.  We have a love of food and a love of farming, and our products are a testimony to this!