Royal Rose Garden

Princeton, ON

Market Staff: Jovan & Katica Ugrnov

Description of their products: We sell - spring & summer cut flowers including roses, perennials. We also sell - yellow beans, green beans, cranberry beans & 12 varieties of blueberries.

Information about the Company: "Real life begins on the land. Farming is a longtime tradition in my family, it’s in my veins,” says Jovan Ugrnov. Having experienced food shortages as youths in Europe, Jovan and his wife Katica find true security in having land to grow food. They have built a life in Canada, growing and selling farm-grown produce, cut flowers and blueberries at farmers’ markets, a European tradition they are happy to continue. Royal Rose Gardens delights customers with 12 varieties of blueberries, each distinct in flavour, texture, size and colour! Practices: As natural as possible, minimal spray.