Mr Spinners functional foods

Newmarket, ON

Vendor Website:

Primary Contact: Melvin Laidlaw, dandmite(at)

Market Staff: Christian Mapp, Susan Persaud, Chase Gould, Melvin Laidlaw

Description of their products : Pestos - kale & dandelion and sun dried-tomato. Hot sauces - papaya lime & scotch bonnet and dijon, balsamic, curry, herbs & scotch bonnet. Roti's - curry chicken and potato, curry potato chickpea and squash. Doubles - chickpea curry stuffed. Sandwiches - jerk chicken, fried chicken. Hemp - hulled hemp seeds, toasted hemp seeds, hemp protein powder. Beverages - hibiscus ice tea, crafted ginger beer, mango drink. Energy bars - sunflower, hemp, flax, pumpkin, sesame seeds and dark chocolate combined with honey. Breakfast sandwiches - egg, cheese, bacon. Granola - I started a philanthropic project with St Andrews United Church where we train immigrant women on how to make granola, package and sell, giving them Canadian work experience. This enables them to apply for work in the food industry.

Information about the Company: There is a food designation called "functional foods", and we intend to provide “functional foods” that give more than a caloric benefit. We look at food as medicine and try to value add with functional benefits in mind. For example there is fiber, lycopene, and essential fatty acids (EFAs) in our pesto sauces. We also endeavour to bring African/Caribbean flavors to Leslieville Farmers' Market. As a member of multicultural Toronto we look forward to introducing flavourful and healthy options in the mix.