Marche 59 (P&H Farms)

Port Hope, ON

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Primary Contact: B. Price / O.F. Hamouda, office(at)

Market Staff: Betsey / Omar and others

Description of their products: We sell artisan breads and baked goods (organic), and P & H Farms vegetables, fruits and nuts (certified organic). Everything we sell is produced on site at our bakery in Port Hope and brought to Farmers' Markets. Breads are the basis of our bakery. We are inspired by French-style bakery techniques, such as pate fermented (fermented dough - the French version of sourdough), butter-sheeted dough (for croissants and puff pastry), and savouries (e.g., quiche) and sweets (e.g., tarts) of French inspiration.

Information about the Company: As an artisanal bakery from the "best preserved small town" in Ontario, Port Hope, we try to live up to the standards of preserving the best traditions of small town bakeries. We offer what local customers want, as the 'tried and true' from Grandma's kitchen, but also as the novel and fun. Our bakery produces everything we sell, which in this day and age, makes any producer special. We bring our products to Farmers' Markets in Toronto, but Toronto can also come see us in Port Hope. What is really special about the products of Marche 59 are their taste! The proof is truly in the proof!