Jules Patisserie

Toronto, ON

Vendor Website: www.julescafe.ca

Social Media Accounts: facebook.com-Jules-Patisserie-Toronto

Primary Contact: Marc Tournayre, prestia(at)me.com

Market Staff: Arnaud Presti

Description of their products: We sell - baguettes, loaves, brioche, pastries, cakes and quiches. We use mostly local ingredients (flour, dairy, eggs and sugars) to make our bread.

Information about the Company: Jules Patisserie offers some of the most delectable, fine, traditional French foods for your everyday enjoyment. Jules is specialized on authentic French croissants and pastries baked by pastry chef Marc Tournayre. Marc having spent many years in France, brings the delicious tastes of France with his pastries and bread.  Practices: Jules Patisserie uses only natural products, no preservatives, all baked goods are handmade. All of our supplies are local.