Toronto, ON

Vendor Website: www.hookedinc.ca

Social Media Accounts: Twitter - @hookedinc, facebook.com/HOOKEDinc/

Primary Contact: Kristin & Dan Donovan, kristin(at)hookedinc.ca

Market Staff: Kristin & Dan Donovan

Description of their products: We sell fresh and wild caught fish from Wheatley Ontario (ON), Taylor Fish Co. including - pickerel, white perch, yellow perch, whitefish, silver bass, catfish, whitefish. We also sell BC sockeye, chinook, halibut, ling cod, and Oceanwise certified farmed Kolapore Springs rainbow trout from Markdale, ON. Ingredients in our fish tacos are sourced from ON and include - Alba Lisa organic GMO free corn tortillas, Local lakefish, organic  GMO free cornmeal dredge, cabbage slaw, crema, and hot sauce. We also sell smoked fish made from all of the above fish, fish cakes, crab cakes, fish nuggets, fish stock, salmon burgers, cornmeal dredge, pates etc. All made with 100% Ocean wise fish.

Information about the Company: At Hooked, we believe that small boats, responsible fishing practices and more direct relationships between fish and consumer are the ONLY way to move forward. We employ chefs, buy direct from small scale fisheries in Canada and we manage our own freight. This gives our customer a completely traceable, ecological, responsibly sourced and FRESH choice in fish with a ton of variety. Our chefs give tips, cooking advice and can help with the selection process.