The Greenhouse Eatery

Etobicoke, ON

Primary Contact: Audrey McDonald, audreywave(at)

Market Staff: Mishka, Beau, Jay, and Linda

Description of their products: We sell vegetables - lettuces, kale, spinach, radishes, true baby carrots, beans, snowpeas, green onions, pearl onions, garlic. Fruits, gooseberries, preserves, wild flowers, seasonal spreads/dips. Additions this year will include - kalelettes, organic sweet corn, chicpeas, red brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes

Information about the Company: Audrey has over 40 years of experience harvesting food as a farmer and farm practitioner and is one of the great wealths of farming knowledge at LFM. “Diversity, Honesty, Competitiveness, family orientation and delivering a high standard/quality product alongside an awesome customer service/experience makes us special.”