Green Gate Farms

Kitchener, ON

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Primary Contact: Ron Goettling and Wendy Elrick, greengatefarms(at)

Market Staff: Jeannette Kok & Ron Goettling

Description of their products: We sell fresh and frozen naturally raised beef, pork, red veal and lamb, all cuts including bacon and sausage (the is Lamb from Daniel Wagler).

Information about the Company: Green Gate Farms is operated by Ron Goettling and Wendy Elrick and is located on the west side of Kitchener. For over 96 years we have raised cattle on our farm outside Kitchener Ontario and even today we retain the same principles; ethically and naturally raised animals leading to a better quality product. We work with local suppliers to make feed and also grow a large portion of our own to ensure our animals are getting the best, balanced feed. We believe that being involved in every step of our animals' lives helps keep them healthy and content. This in turn provides better products and peace of mind knowing our customers are contributing to a sustainable and ethical food source. Animal welfare is priority number one here at Green Gate Farms. Cattle are given individual attention throughout their lifetime and we hand raise all of our calves naturally without growth hormones, preventative antibiotics, or animal based feeds.