Grand River Ecological Game Meat & Poultry

Grand Valley, ON

Primary Contact: Irene Taylor, dvftt(at)

Market Staff: Irene or Tony

Description of their products: We sell - pasteurized Venison, grass fed whole chickens, breasts, drumsticks, thighs, wings, and pot pies, grass fed whole ducks, farm fresh, free range, duck and chicken eggs. We also take orders for thanksgiving turkeys and sometimes have mustard greens.

Information about the Company: Grand River is in it's 4th year at LFM, but has been around since 1991. Our family-operated farm is surrounded by Grand River Conservation Authority in Dufferin County. We chose to raise Red Deer & Elk because they are a natural fit with our philosophy of organic, sustainable farming. Our farm provides a pastoral setting where our livestock graze on open pastures in a free-range environment. They winter on hay, grown on-farm, using organic practices. Our natural approach to animal husbandry results in happy, healthy animals. Deer & elk are naturally hardy and disease-resistant, and we do not use any medications, growth promoters, genetically modified feeds or chemicals in rearing of our livestock or on the land. Deer & Elk make more efficient use of pastures than cattle (5:1) leaving less of an environmental Hoof-print. Practices: We do not use synthetic fertilizers or any chemical inputs on the land. Only organic manure enhances the soil fertility of our fields. We rotate growing of (ancient grain) crops in order to minimize pest infestation and maintain soil integrity.