Earth & City

Toronto, ON

Vendor Website:

Social Media Accounts: Twitter - @earthandcity, Instagram -

Primary Contact: Lisa Sweetman, info(at)

Market Staff: Lisa Sweetman

Description of their products: This season we will be selling fresh collard wraps and breakfast bowls with house made granola, local fruit and coconut kefir. For lunch we have bean/grain bowls and salads with local vegetables. We also sell dips/spreads/sauces (kale pesto, hummus, and lentil) and flatbreads (dehydrated breads and crackers). For beverages we sell local fruit/veg smoothies, lemonades, iced teas, sodas, and for snacks/desserts we sell cookies, macaroons, squares, and other sweets. Our cold weather offerings include hot drinks, hot soups, and hot breakfasts.

Information about the Company: Earth + City is an exciting and innovative business in Toronto. We prepare healthy, plant-based food in tandem with the Ontario growing season. All of our ingredients are thoughtfully chosen, with a focus on seasonal availability. Our produce is sourced from many regional farms, often purchased at our farmers’ markets. The pantry staples in our kitchen are gluten-free, mainly organic, and frequently ordered through local food vendors. Our food is available at farmers’ markets, in local shops, by ordering online, or for catered events.