Alchemy Pickle Company

Toronto, ON

Vendor Website:

Social Media Accounts: Twitter - @alchemypickle, Instagram - @alchemypicklecompany,

Primary Contact: Rebekka Hutton, info(at)

Market Staff: Rebekka Hutton / Michael Scahill

Description of their products: We sell - Kombucha, beet kvass, natural sodas (ginger beer & seasonal fruit), kimchi with seasonal variations, 3 kinds of sauerkraut, cucumber pickles (August-October), fermented hot sauce, sichuan daikon, beet turnips, preserved meyer lemons (not local), pickled garlic, and a few other season ferments. All our products are handcrafted, and the produce used is purchased directly from Southern Ontario farmers. Plus the they are not heated and no vinegar is used. Our tea, herbs, sugar and spices are organic, with a couple exceptions, and everything is vegan, gluten free and delicious!

Information about the Company: Alchemy Pickle Company makes handcrafted fermented food and drink using local and organic produce.  We build direct relationships with sustainable farmers to help contribute to the regional food economy.  Our products are made by hand in small batches in Toronto.