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The Leslieville Winter Market 

Yes, our season in Jonathan Ashbridge Park has come to a close - but fear not! You can find us (and your weekly groceries) at The Redwood Theatre throughout the Winter! Learn more, including dates and details, here.

The Leslieville winter market

at the redwood Theatre

The Leslieville Farmers’ Market new winter home is at the Redwood Theatre, 1300 Gerrard St. East!

The Leslieville Farmers’ Market new winter home is at the Redwood Theatre, 1300 Gerrard St. East!


we’ve got some exciting news…

After eight successful summer seasons, the Leslieville Farmers’ Market is finally stickin’ it out for the winter! From December through April you’ll be able to find your favourite market at the Redwood Theatre at Greenwood Ave & Gerrard St. E.!

Thanks to our amazing hosts and partners, we’ll be able to provide a year-round place to gather, celebrate local farmers and producers and continue to grow and nurture our community.

Market Dates

The Leslieville Winter Market will operate from 10am - 3pm on the following dates.

*Please note that we are not there every single Sunday but instead on the dates listed here.

November 11 (Winter Season Opener!)

December 2

December 16

January 13

January 27

February 10

February 24

March 3

March 17

March 31 - Last Winter Market



In the winter of 2018 Maria Karam, the new owner of the Redwood Theatre, approached the Leslieville Farmers’ Market with an offer to host the market at theatre. Having just saved the building from becoming a Rexall Pharmacy (read more on that here), Maria and her partner Robert Indrigo had a incredible vision of turning the theatre into not only a performance space, but a hub for local not-for-profits and community organizations. After our initial heart palpitations, cold-sweats and fevered planning meetings (“our market? inside?!”) we were honoured to enter into a partnership with the new Redwood Theatre. Based on the belief in the transformative power of food to build community, the urgent need to support a local food system and create a new space for our entire community to gather on Sundays and just be together.

Find out more about the Redwood Theatre here


Announcing the Leslieville Winter Market at the Redwood Theatre!

Find out more here

This Sunday Oct 14: All Candidate Neighbourhood Markets Tour

While we pride ourselves on our market being a respite from the turbulence of modern life, our existence unfortunately largely rests at the hands of our local Councillor and their support. So, with that in mind, let’s give a big, warm LFM welcome as we tour Ward 14 and Ward 19 Councillor candidates around the market and show off our amazing community.

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